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Instructions Remote Detonator

User Instruction

1-Antenna, retractile and can be folded.
2-Power/Low Power LED. Normally the LED keeps on,
when batteries are low, the LED blinks
3-Test LED. When exterior circuit is coherent, the LED is on. When exterior circuit is interrupted, the LED is off.

4-A 3-Position Switch, TEST-Test exterior circuit, OFF-Power is off,

FIRE-Receiver is armed to fire fireworks or learn code.
5-Label. Can be remade for bulk purchase.
6-Label Location, mark receiver.
7-Learning Button. Only when 3-position switch is FIRE, LEARN button
can work.
8-Learning/Firing LED. See the following description Learn Code.
9-Fast Fastening Terminals.
Before Use put 4x AAA batteries into battery enclosure
Learn Code
Receiver must learn code of transmitter button, so that transmitter will work with receiver together.
How to learn Code
Shift the 3 position switch to FIRE, keep depressing LEARN button more than 3 seconds to have Learning/Firing LED on and then release LEARN button, press one of the transmitter buttons within 3 seconds, LED will blink twice and then be off, learning code succeeds.
How to Clear Code
Shift the 3 position switch to FIRE, press LEARN button and don’t release the button for more than 6 seconds until Learning/Firing LED blinks three times and then goes off, code is cleared.
Warning: Only when no fireworks are connected can you learn or clear codes. 


How to Use

To check if external circuit is coherent.
When exterior circuit is connected, shift the 3 position switch to TEST, if TEST LED is on, it indicates the exterior circuit is coherent. If TEST LED is off, it indicates the exterior circuit is interrupted.
When exterior circuit is tested coherent, shift the 3 position switch to FIRE, press transmitter button, Learning/Firing LED will blink once, firing current will be sent out.
Please note, in FIRE status, receiver can be re-activated after 5 seconds.
Any number of receivers can be programmed to any of the buttons/channels, so a button/channel can fire multiple e-matches simultaneously





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